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Seaweed Round (XL)

Seaweed Round (XL)

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Seaweeds are macroalgae that are essential to marine life for food and habitat. Any of the red, green, or brown seaweeds that grow along seashores are vital to the ocean.

Preserved real-life seaweeds, sourced from local coastlines where the seaweed has been washed onto land. We don’t disturb natural habitants during the foraging process. Each piece features two pieces of high-quality exhibition glass, sealed with hand-soldered brass. It also features a strengthened brass chain for easy hanging. 

  • Dimensions: 15cm diameter 
  • Each product is handmade from start to finish and takes approximately 2 weeks from order.
  • Slight variation in the product may occur. The weeds used is dependent on what is available and may differ slightly from the images. We try our best to make each piece as close to the example as possible but due to the nature of the product, this is not always possible.


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