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The Braid Scatter Cushion (60 x 60)

The Braid Scatter Cushion (60 x 60)

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The Braid Scatter Cushion represents a fusion of artistry and comfort. This 60 x 60 cushion, designed and originally hand-drawn by the talented artist Chante Lombard, brings a touch of elegance to your living space. The intricate illustration features a captivating portrayal of a woman graced with resplendent braided tresses and adorned in an exquisite blouse on Edith Velvet.

Designed for your personal touch, the Braid Scatter Cushion is available for purchase with or without an inner, providing you the flexibility to tailor your comfort.

Although we always try to send out our orders as soon as possible, all products are made by local, small businesses. Please allow a 2-3 weeks lead time. 

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