About Us

O U R   S T O R Y

It started with a passion for home décor and a love for locally produced handcrafted products. 

As a creative myself, I know what goes into handmade goods and have always had an appreciation for art and handcrafted items. While I always had an interest in home decorating and interior styling, it was only after restyling my living room for the 8th time that I realised how passionate I was about home décor. Subsequently, I found myself searching for unique, locally crafted homeware. 

With so many talented designers, artists and creatives, I was urged to create a platform which would support, celebrate and showcase locally manufactured and handcrafted South African products. 

With this goal, Yellow Door sources niche home décor, homeware and lifestyle products from local creators to promote supporting local businesses. With an appreciation for art and modern aesthetics in mind, our product range showcases African talent and aims to bring life to your home through simple pleasures. 


Wenette Jordaan | Owner and founder of Yellow Door


O U R  P R O D U C T  R A N G E 

Yellow Door encompasses all aspects of life, from home décor and furniture, to niche lifestyle products and delicatessen, we offer distinctive crafts from local designers, creatives and makers here in South Africa. 

Through craftsmanship, textiles, colour pallets and idiosyncratic design. 

By collaborating with local creatives, Yellow Door offers unique décor, interior and lifestyle products under one roof making it easy to find unique products while supporting local. 


L E T'S  C O N N E C T

Are you a local creative, maker or designer eager to get your craft noticed? Pop us a mail and let's chat! Be it art, décor, furniture or lifestyle, we're keen to collaborate and support your small business.