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The Flower Scatter Cushion (60 x 60)

The Flower Scatter Cushion (60 x 60)

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Introducing the Flower Scatter Cushion, a 60 x 60 masterpiece combining artistic allure with plush comfort. This captivating cushion showcases the talent of artist Chante Lombard, who skillfully portrays a graceful lady adorned in an elegant blouse, her countenance obscured by a mesmerizing bouquet of flowers. Every delicate detail is meticulously hand-drawn and printed on Edith Velvet, transforming it into a unique and enchanting piece.

Available for purchase with or without an inner, the Flower Scatter Cushion offers a tailored approach to your aesthetic preferences.

Although we always try to send out our orders as soon as possible, all products are made by local, small businesses. Please allow a 2-3 weeks lead time. 

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